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Cincinnati Bengals (@ Ball_Is_Life044) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Falcons 49-21 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Titans 58-3 (Week Three)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Four); AT JFF Patriots (Week Five)

Comment: Shane is probably chomping at the bit patiently awaiting his first taste at some human user competition, and after his Week Four ‘BYE’ week, he’ll finally see where his skill are with his brand new league team when he matches up with the JFF Patriots in Week Five



Dallas Cowboys (@ TD33DORSETT) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Titans 56-17 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Rams 49-37 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Saints (Week Four); vs. JFF Texans (Week Five)

Comment: Cliff has usually been known more for his rushing offense, but this season, it seems like the JFF Cowboys are trying to earn Pro Bowl honors for WR Dez Bryant (31 receptions for 723 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns).  Are Romo-Dunbar-Bryant the new version of the “triplets?”



Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@ UNCLE___SAM) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Rams 73-0 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Falcons 55-14 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Steelers (Week Four); AT JFF Saints (Week Five)

Comment: Top Dawgg, whose favorite team in real life is the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will go up against his cousin DMan, whose favorite team in real life is the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers.  A top offense in the league vs. thee top defense in the league.  Who will win?



Seattle Seahawks (@ poefield109) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Chargers 31-13 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Broncos 51-30 (Week Three)

Next Up: “BYE: Week (Week Four); AT JFF Redskins (Week Five)

Comment: Two mobile QBs … Russell Wilson of the JFF Seahawks and Robert Griffin III (a.k.a. RGIIII) … will face off against one another in JFF Week Five.  The question is, can the defense of the JFF Washington Redskins handle and contain the offense of the JFF Seattle Seahawks?



Arizona Cardinals (@ INGLEWOODD) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF N.Y. Giants 38-20 (Week Two); Defeated JFF 49ers 28-25 (Week Three)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Four); AT JFF Broncos (Week Five)

Comment: HB LeSean “Shady” McCoy has a new home, and it is in Arizona.  Shady (not to be confused with the Owner / Coach of the JFF Kansas City Chiefs who goes by the same nickname) already proved that he can help the JFF Cardinals win games by rushing 30 times for 160 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.  Damian was quoted as saying to Shady, “You . . . complete me.  Welcome home son.”



Denver Broncos (@ VitalMindz5) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Chiefs 35-21 (Week Two); Lost to the JFF Seahawks 51-30 (Week Three)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Four); vs. JFF Cardinals (Week Five)

Comment: There is a saying about “throwing salt in the wound” and “adding insult to injury.”  Both time-tested adages apply to Kory G’s most recent inter-conference loss to Cadillac’s JFF Seahawks.  Not only did Kory’s JFF Broncos lose, and lose decisively … but they now have lost starting QB Peyton Manning until JFF Week Eight because of an injury Manning suffered late in the game.  “When it rains … it pours.”  Just one more adage that seems fitting.



Kansas City Chiefs (@ ShadySlick) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Broncos 35-21 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Dolphins 51-27 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Patriots (Week Four); AT JFF 49ers (Week Five)

Comment: Shady is one of the few teams in the league who has two human opponents back-to-back during JFF Week Four competition and JFF Week Five competition.  First up:  The rejuvenated and confident JFF New England Patriots led by QB Tom Brady and TE Ron Gronkowski, and then next, Soldier’s seemingly “wounded” JFF San Francisco 49ers who are very much looking to earn some respect.  We’ll see what happens in each of these games, and see if Shady’s JFF Chiefs can bounce back from their unexpected defeat to Kory’s JFF Broncos.



San Francisco 49ers (@ Pasadena Soldier) 1-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Bears 28-13 (Week Two); Lost to the JFF Cardinals 28-25 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Eagles (Week Four); vs. JFF Chiefs (Week Five)

Comment: You win some, you lose some.  But when you’re the cocky, extremely outspoken Owner / Coach known as Pasadena Soldier, then losing ANY game hurts the ego very badly.  Soldier even told this very Story Editor, “I doubt seriously if you will ever see me say ‘Good game’ after a contest is over.  Whether I win or lose.  That is not how Soldier does things.”  Soldier said that Soldier will be motivated to play his JFF Week Five contest against Shady’s JFF Chiefs.



Chicago Bears (@ Queesdoe812) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF 49ers 28-13 (Week Two); Defeated JFF N.Y. Jets 45-14 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Packers (Week Four); AT JFF Panthers (Week Five)

Comment: Que has played in Pasadena Soldier’s online league a number of seasons, so he has come to know a lot of Soldier’s tendencies.  That said, Que’s JFF Bears were not able to restrain Soldier’s JFF 49ers who were on a mission for redemption after losing to Cliff’s JFF Cowboys in Week One.  Now Que turns his attention to the one human user rival in his NFC North Division … and that would be Tim Dog’s JFF Green Bay Packers.



Green Bay Packers (@ BarNone12000) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF N.Y. Jets 22-21 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Lions 46-39 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Bears (Week Four); vs. JFF Vikings (Week Five)

Comment: Tim Dog has already expressed to this Story Editor that he might end up not being able to play one or more of his human vs. CPU contests as well as even some of his human vs. human games because for Tim Dog, summertime is “riding season” (Tim Dog is a motorcycle enthusiast).  Hopefully, he can adjust his schedule and find time to complete all of his Regular Season games.



Houston Texans (@ deuce1413) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Raiders 30-3 (Week Two); Defeated JFF N.Y. Giants 44-20 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Bills (Week Four); AT JFF Cowboys (Week Five)

Comment: Similar to Shady and his JFF Kansas City Chiefs, Deuce has not one, but two human opponents back-to-back during JFF Week Four and JFF Week Five competition, including a “Texas showdown” with Cliff and his JFF Cowboys in Week Five.  Can Deuce remain undefeated?  We shall see!



Indianapolis Colts (@ champ31p) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Eagles 38-9 (Week Two); JFF Jaguars 57-33 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Titans (Week Four); vs. JFF Ravens (Week Five)

Comment: Champ is kinda, sorta similar to Tim Dog in the sense that he has a lot of activities planned for the summer months, and has already indicated that he might “forget” to schedule a game or two during the season.  Luckily this week, he has nothing but CPU-controlled opponents, so he should be able to knock those two games out.  Or even “super sim” them.  Gotta love the ‘super sim’ feature if you’re a league member with an extremely active schedule.



Buffalo Bills (@ ModeOne4Ever) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Dolphins 42-14 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Chargers 24-17 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Texans (Week Four); AT JFF Lions (Week Five)

Comment: In the league’s GroupMe Chat, Air … the Owner / Coach of the JFF Buffalo Bills … expressed what he felt was the difference between playing on All-Pro vs. playing on All-Madden.  “The play of your Defensive Ends and Defensive Tackles, arguably more than any other position on the team.  I personally do not believe that DEs and DTs impact the game in the same way on All-Pro as they do on All-Madden.”  Air needs to hope that he does not regret trading away a defensive line talent like DT Marcel Dareus between now and the end of the season.  Chicago ran for over 200 rushing yards with Dareus IN the line-up during Week One.



New England Patriots (@ SLIMDAWG1979) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Vikings 70-20 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Raiders 59-7 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Chiefs (Week Four); vs. JFF Bengals (Week Five)

Comment: A few league members have been remarking about how active (and cocky) that Andrew has been in the league’s provocative and entertaining GroupMe Chat.  During the Fall 2014 season and Spring 2015 season, league members barely heard from Andrew, the Owner / Coach of the JFF New England Patriots.  Now, Andrew is even known for talking some lighthearted trash talk in the GroupMe chat room.  Wonder what has gotten into this young man!  It’s entertaining, to say the least.



Washington Redskins (@ thawood505) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Jaguars 29-6 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Eagles 42-14 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF N.Y. Giants (Week Four); vs. JFF Seahawks (Week Five)

Comment: Haywood and his JFF Washington Redskins will definitely be tested when they go up against Cadillac and his JFF Seattle Seahawks.  The JFF Seahawks look formidable on both offense and defense, and both teams have mobile quarterbacks.  This is either going to be one of the more interesting games of the season … or it might get ugly in favor of Seattle.  We shall see!



Pittsburgh Steelers (@ dman_of_God) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Ravens 31-17 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Panthers 21-0 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Buccaneers (Week Four); AT JFF Jaguars (Week Five)

Comment: DMan’s JFF Pittsburgh Steelers currently have the #1 overall defense in the league as well as the #1 passing defense in the league.   The “bad” news is, Pittsburgh has yet to match up with a human opponent.  Can the JFF Steelers hold Top Dawgg’s JFF Buccaneers to minimum offensive yards and scoring points?  We shall see!



Teams that dropped out in this installment: