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Inner Sexuality Sessions

Instructor / Trainer: Alan Roger Currie a.k.a. The King of Verbal Seduction’

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Services for Women


Increasing your Feminine Energy through Obedience and Submission training

Overcoming Sexual Guilt and Shame

Learning to Love Your Pussy

From ‘Prude’ to ‘Kinky Freak’ in bed


Services for Couples (Married and Unmarried)


Training the girlfriend / wife to be her boyfriend’s / husband’s “Personal Slut”

Creating a higher degree of sexual passion

How to engage in ‘Erotic Dirty Talk’ with your partner

Swinging & Couple-Swapping 101


Services for Men


Transitioning from a passive ‘Beta’ male to a more erotically dominant ‘Alpha’ male

Creating a more seductive voice

Using Phone Sex to Seduce Women

From ‘Prude’ to ‘Wild Animal’ in bed







”The KING is the best sex trainer! I was a total ‘prude’ before engaging in my sessions with my Dominant Sir. He helped me overcome a variety of psychological ‘blockers’ that had been preventing me from experiencing a more enjoyable and satisfying sex life. I would recommend him to any woman who is a self-proclaimed ‘prude’!!”


Denise F. – Houston, TX


”My relationship and sex life with my wife had grown stale. Alan a.k.a. ‘The KING’ has a way of getting you to talk comfortably about issues that would normally be uncomfortable to talk about. This man has a gift. He causes my wife to slowly, but surely change from the woman who was ‘wearing the pants’ in the relationship to a woman who now looks to please me and submit to me. Alan’s sessions were well worth the money.”


Brian S. – Chicago, IL


”I was brought up in a very religious, sexually conservative household, and it negatively affected my sexuality. I went out of my way to always present myself as a ‘good girl’ to men, but it hurt most if not all of my relationships with men. The KING trained me how to allow my ‘Inner Freak’ and ‘Inner Slut’ to come out. Since his sessions, I have had some of the best relationships with men and some of the best sex ever in my life.


Valerie W. – San Diego, CA


”My husband and I were initially scared to indulge in an ‘open’ relationship, but Alan helped us examine the pros and cons of polyamory in a very thorough manner. Now, I enjoy watching my husband please and satisfy other women, and he gets off on watching me be pleased and satisfied by other men. We owe our new sex life and new orgasmic pleasure to the Dominant Trainer known to women as The KING! He is the absolute best!”


Tiffany M. – Indianapolis, IN


Mr. Currie a.k.a. ‘The KING’ helped me unleash a new sense of self-confidence and feminine sensuality. I am a virgin and a college student, and many parents do not realize how challenging it is for a young lady to maintain her virginity when your hormones are raging! My Most Dominant Sir understood my challenges from the beginning, and he totally allowed me to be myself, talk to him openly and candidly about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING related to my sexuality. Initially, I felt as though I could not discuss issues related to my sexuality with my own mother (because she can be prudish sometimes!), but The KING did a great job training my mother, and now my mother and I have an outstanding relationship that is full of open, straightforward honesty when it comes to discussions about sex. My mother and I are so thankful for Mr. Currie and what he does!! I would recommend him to any mother and daughter who may feel extremely shy and awkward when it comes to discussing sex!!


Janisha O. – Aurora, IL


Alan a.k.a. 'The KING’ worked with my daughter over a period of weeks, and I definitely noticed a difference in her attitude, her demeanor, and her overall behavior. When many parents and older people talk to teenagers about sex (and particularly, teenage girls), many times they tend to be a bit on the 'conservative' side or worse, very awkward and prudish in their conversations. The KING is a very open-minded, free-spirited teacher and trainer, and he conversed with my daughter in a very uninhibited manner about her budding sensuality as a young woman. Alan’s vibe is so naturally dominant that I found myself referring to him as 'Daddy' and 'Sir' most of the time myself! If you are a mother who is looking to engage in conversations with your daughter who is 18 years of age or older that are more open-minded and real, and you want her to receive helpful, uncensored advice about her dating life and sexuality, then I would highly recommend the services of The KING!


Nicole O. – Aurora, IL



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