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Hosted by Book Author & Talk Radio Personality Alan Roger Currie a.k.a. The King of Verbal Seduction


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Some of his male fans and female admirers have given him nicknames such as "The King of Verbal Seduction" as well as "The Guru Master of Phone Sex Arousal." Regardless of the preferred nickname he chooses to go by, Book Author and Talk Radio Host Alan Roger Currie long ago mastered the fine art of engaging in erotically explicit conversations with women and his female listeners and phone sex groupies could not be happier. Welcome to The Erotic Zone.

The Erotic Conversationalist is a podcast program that was created by Book Author and Talk Radio Host Alan Roger Currie in July 2009. Currie was encouraged to create the show by a handful of his female friends and acquaintances who recognized that Currie had a knack for getting women to open up about their innermost erotic thoughts, desires, preferences, and fantasies. Currie is also the host of Upfront & Straightforward with Alan Roger Currie, which is BlogTalkRadio s #1 talk radio podcast program in the category of Romance and Self-Help / Relationships


Many women I know felt like I was too tame on my main show, Upfront & Straightforward, so they suggested that I create a more XXX-rated spinoff of that show. One female friend told me, Alan, you are the unequaled King of Phone Sex. You know how to get women wet with your voice and your conversation skills. You need to have a show that highlights your erotic dirty talk talents. So, that is when I decided to create The Erotic Conversationalist. I have been very flattered and pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic responses that I have received from my female listeners, said Currie.


The general format of each episode is to interview one or more female guests about a topic or issue that is related to sex, seduction, erotica, orgasmic pleasure, female masturbation, or anything else that is related to women s sensuality. Currie has received feedback on the show from dozens, if not hundreds of women per month, despite only recording an average of two or three episodes per year. I now have dozens of phone sex groupies because of the popularity of The Erotic Conversationalist. Most women who listen to the episodes masturbate while listening.


Even though Currie does not obligate his various female guests to engage in hot, kinky phone sex with him, that is the hope and desire of the vast majority of his female listeners. Women listen to Upfront & Straightforward to be entertained, informed, enlightened and educated. Women listen to The Erotic Conversationalist to hear me provoke my female guests to play with themselves at some point during the conversation. They listen to get off, said Currie.


Currie estimates that since the early-to-mid 1990s, he has enjoyed at least one episode of erotically uninhibited phone sex with as many as 1,700 women. Currie said he initially thought the idea of phone sex was silly and goofy, but an ex-girlfriend of his persuaded him to develop a more open mind toward the idea of it. Soon, he was hooked. Years later, Currie became somewhat of a phone sex gigolo, having a number of his female phone sex partners offering to pay him money for regularly scheduled phone sex sessions.


"Between roughly summer of 2003 and fall of 2007, at least five-to-ten percent of the women who I had aural sex conversations with used to pay me for my talents. Most men would be surprised how many women in society thoroughly enjoy engaging in erotic phone sex. Particularly, women who are thirty-five years of age or older and not really into casual (physical) sex," added Currie.


A few of his guests on past episodes of "The Erotic Conversationalist" have been Laila Odom, a featured actress on Zane's Sex Chronicles (Cinemax); Diana DeVoe, the first African American woman to direct a major adult film; Alexandra Katehakis, a sex therapist from Los Angeles; and a couple of popular strippers from New York City's SCORES strip club; Chrystal West a.k.a. Nikki True (pseudonym), an up-and-coming erotica novelist and X-rated Blogger; Brandi L. Davis, a model, actress, and entrepreneur; and Nikki Ransom, a popular sex advisor and public speaker. Currie has plans to interview a number of new guests in 2014 and 2015.

Currie said his first inspiration for mastering the art of verbal seduction was a 1980 adult film entitled,
Talk Dirty to Me, which starred the late John Leslie as a slacker womanizer who had a knack for engaging in very bold, spontaneous, sexually provocative conversations with women filled with erotically explicit language. Currie said the film was the impetus for his popular paperback, Mode One: Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking.

"Before I saw 'Talk Dirty to Me,' I had no idea you could get a woman sexually turned on just by talking to them. I always thought you had to kiss them, touch them, or caress them in some way to get them aroused. I was wrong in that assumption. Words can be powerful with women. Women are very auditory creatures ... much more than men are. Men are more visual," said Currie.

Currie plans on releasing a "verbal erotica" and phone sex CD or audiobook sometime in the future.

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