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Cleveland Browns (@ VitalMindz5) 7-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Broncos 13-10 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Bengals 37-10 (Week Ten)

Next Up: vs. JFF Steelers (Week Eleven)

Comment: Last season, Kory G’s JFF Browns finished as the #1 overall defense in the league at the end of the Regular Season, and although Cleveland has not yet risen back up to that level, their defense has come to play in their last few outings, including a stellar performance against Afroman’s also-defensive-minded JFF Broncos.  As of right now, it looks like the week will come to an end with Kory G’s JFF Browns standing at a 9-1 record.



Buffalo Bills (@ ShadySlick) 9-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Redskins 56-24 (Week Nine); Defeated JFF Titans 24-14 (Week Ten)

Next Up: vs. JFF Colts (Week Eleven)

Comment: Even though the JFF Browns are #1 in the Power Rankings, it is the JFF Bills who now have the inside track on the #1 Seed for the upcoming AFC Conference playoffs.  JFF Bills MLB Rey Maualuga and CB Corey Graham both had a huge interception that stifled the JFF Titans momentum.   Trevor stated that his number one objective was to counteract and neutralize Brett’s infamous “face catching” technique that has caused some controversy in the league.



San Francisco 49ers (@ poefield109) 7-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Lions 45-20 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Cowboys 21-10 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Cardinals (Week Ten); vs. JFF Panthers (Week Eleven)

Comment: Guess who Cadillac gets to play again in Week Ten?  His favorite trash talking rival Damian and his JFF Cardinals.  These two have provided the league with one of the most entertaining rivalries in the NFC beginning with last season.   Then, if that wasn’t enough, Cadillac has to turn his attention to the man who defeated his JFF 49ers last season in the NFC Conference Championship:  The Natural and his now-very-fired-up JFF Carolina Panthers.  What a week for San Francisco!



Seattle Seahawks (@ Ball_Is_Life044) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Cardinals 10-0 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Bengals 30-13 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF Rams (Week Ten); AT JFF River Hogs (Week Eleven)

Comment: Shane’s JFF Seahawks have found a defensive rhythm in their last two games, and should be prepared to take on the likes of JFF River Hogs QB Teddy Bridgewater and HB Adrian Peterson.  Seattle needs to keep pace with the JFF San Francisco 49ers if they want to maintain their hopes of snatching away the NFC West title from Cadillac.  If they fail to win the NFC West, Seattle will be in a battle with a number of teams (Carolina, Dallas, New Orleans, and Portland, among others) for either the #5 Seed or #6 Seed in the NFC Conference playoffs.



Tennessee Titans (@ TDBarrett) 7-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Texans 31-17 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF Bills 24-14 (Week Ten)

Next Up: vs. JFF Falcons (Week Eleven)

Comment: Brett a.k.a. “Mr. Helpful Hints” faced his biggest challenge in the AFC Conference this season when his JFF Tennessee Titans matched up with the JFF Buffalo Bills (9-0-0).  His JFF Titans came up on the short end, but the game was very competitive nonetheless.  Now, Brett has to focus his attention on solidifying either the #3 or possibly even the #2 Seed in the AFC Conference playoffs.



Baltimore Ravens (@ viking2150) 5-3-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Steelers 22-21 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Cardinals 54-5 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF Patriots (Week Ten); AT JFF Raiders (Week Eleven)

Comment: Last season, the JFF Browns Owner / Coach Kory G was nicknamed by Yours Truly, “The Mouth that Roared.”  Kory became synonymous with the term “braggadocios.”  Well this season, James a.k.a. “Viking” has taken trash talking to a whole new (and more frowned upon) level, threatening to physically assault Kory G if the two were to ever meet face-to-face.  Da Commish admonished Viking, but the new league member was still outspoken and defiant.  This guy must not know about the Da Commish’s stern reputation.  Da Commish has canceled a Super Bowl before, and booted guys out of the league for nothing more than a “bad attitude.”  Viking needs to show other league members their respect, and particularly Da Commish, or his JFF Ravens might find themselves on an indefinite Auto Pilot suspension for a very, very long time.  Physical threats are not tolerated in this “Just For Friendly Competition” league.  Not at all.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@ UNCLE___SAM) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Falcons 63-14 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Eagles (Week Ten); AT JFF Saints (Week Eleven)

Comment: Kedren a.k.a. Top Dawgg has put the league on warning that he will not hesitate to pile up the points on his opponents, even if they might feel disrespected and/or humiliated.  Top Dawgg’s motto is, “It’s all about the XP points baby!”  Top Dawgg was so ruthless once against his friend and foe Air (JFF Colts), that back in the Fall 2003 season, he gave Air and his JFF St. Louis Rams the misleading impression that he was just going to run out the clock in the last thirty seconds of the game, but instead threw a touchdown pass into the end zone with no time left.  “And that was BEFORE XP points were invented!” said Air, who swears he does not still have a bitter grudge about the unsportsmanlike gesture.  Promise.  No joke. Swear to God.



Portland River Hogs (@ PhillyFet21) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Packers 41-24 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Rams 52-17 (Week Nine); Defeated JFF Lions 30-7 (Week Ten)

Next Up: vs. JFF Seahawks (Week Eleven)

Comment: D-Fet was recently offered an unexpected trade proposal from the JFF Colts that would have reportedly had JFF River Hogs HB Adrian Peterson going to Indianapolis, and had HB Trent Richardson wearing a Portland jersey.   Air later regretted the proposal, saying that Trent a.k.a. Earl Lynch “meant a lot to his team.”  D-Fet, on his behalf, said, “me trading Adrian Peterson from the River Hogs would be like the NFL’s Chip Kelly trading away LeSean ‘Shady’ McCoy.  That would NEVER happen.  Kelly would never be THAT stupid.”  Upon hearing about D-Fet’s comments, the NFL Eagles’ Coach simply said, “No comment.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.”  Big game coming up with Shane’s JFF Seahawks in Week Eleven.



Carolina Panthers (@ MWSTheNatural) 6-3-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Redskins 45-20 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Jaguars 59-7 (Week Nine)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Ten); AT JFF 49ers (Week Eleven)

Comment: It was rumored that Carolina Owner / Coach Curtis K a.k.a. “The Natural” had a one-on-one meeting with QB Cam Newton and simply said, “Take no prisoners.  Stay focused.”  Newton must have received the message loud and clear after the loss to the JFF Cowboys, because in Newton’s next two contests, he completed 53 passes (out of 71 pass attempts) for 851 passing yards and eight … yep, that’s right ... EIGHT touchdowns.  Too bad the nickname “The Black Mamba” is already taken and copyrighted by the NBA’s Kobe Bryant.  Looks like ‘Ace Boogie’ is going to have to do for now.



Chicago Bears (@ REDRZA) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Saints 20-17 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Chargers (Week Ten); AT JFF Rams (Week Eleven)

Comment: No flashy numbers or eye-catching statistics to boast about by Chicago Owner / Coach Rza, but the reality is, when you “win ugly,” you still win.   After this week, there is no doubt that the JFF Bears should find themselves with an 8-2-0 record, and readily prepared to fight until the end for the NFC North Division Crown.  Next big game is Week Thirteen … and the entire league will be paying attention to that one.  The River Hogs won Round One, 17-14.



New Orleans Saints (@ xROA-_-) 5-3-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Bears 20-17 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Colts (Week Ten); vs. JFF Buccaneers (Week Eleven)

Comment: Ryan’s JFF Saints lost a close one to the JFF Bears, but they still remain in a good position to challenge Carolina and Tampa Bay for the NFC South Division title.  Speaking of Tampa Bay, New Orleans engages in the first of two match-ups with the JFF Buccaneers in Week Eleven, with Round Two coming in Week Seventeen.



New York Jets (@ IM50_tyson_) 5-4-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Eagles 45-14 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Steelers 41-21 (Week Nine)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Ten); vs. JFF Patriots (Week Eleven)

Comment: Despite winning four league contests in a row, JFF N.Y. Jets Owner / Coach Tyson is probably feeling depressed this week.  Why?  Because Week Nine was the last week in the league to execute a player personnel trade.  Many members in the league will miss his constant “Jets OTB” and “send him” posts in the league’s GroupMe Chat . . . or, maybe not.  One thing is for sure:  the team New York has now is the team that will potentially lead them to the #5 or #6 Seed in the AFC Conference playoffs.



Denver Broncos (@ Afrodamus) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Browns 13-10 (Week Nine); Defeated JFF Raiders 24-9 (Week Ten)

Next Up: vs. JFF Chiefs (Week Ten); vs. JFF Texans (Week Eleven)

Comment: Most of the members of The JFF are so egotistically competitive, that there is almost no such thing as a “moral victory” or any type of “Hey guys! I almost beat the #1 team in the Power Rankings” type post-game satisfaction.  That said, Afroman put the entire league on notice that his JFF Broncos have a defense that can hang with anyone in the league.  The current #2 overall defense in the league will be formidable come playoff time.



Dallas Cowboys (@ TD33DORSETT) 4-4-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Patriots 20-17 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF 49ers 21-10 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Packers (Week Ten); vs. JFF N.Y. Giants (Week Eleven)

Comment: How did Cliff and his JFF Cowboys follow up their big “upset” victory over The Natural’s JFF Carolina Panthers?  They lost two straight games to the JFF Patriots and JFF 49ers.  The JFF Cowboys employ an offensive style that is similar to Air’s JFF Colts:  very run-oriented and defense oriented.  Once these two teams get a ten point lead or greater, they are hard to beat.  But on the flip side, once these two teams get down by ten or more points, they tend to have a hard time making a Third Quarter or Fourth Quarter comeback. Dallas has to bounce back this week to keep their playoff hopes alive.



Philadelphia Eagles (@ Queesdoe812) 5-3-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF N.Y. Jets 45-14 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF N.Y. Giants 20-3 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF Buccaneers (Week Ten); vs. JFF Redskins (Week Eleven)

Comment: The “bad” news:  Quiet Que and his JFF Eagles have suffered through some tough, decisive losses in the last 2-3 weeks.  The “good” news:  Philadelphia is still the leader in the NFC East Division … but they do have two tough games coming up this week. We'll see what happens.



Miami Dolphins (@ JoshHimself) 5-3-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Colts 14-6 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Patriots 30-20 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF N.Y. Giants (Week Ten); vs. JFF Jaguars (Week Eleven)

Comment: At one point earlier this season, it looked as though Josh and his JFF Miami Dolphins were in trouble.  Now, they have reeled off four straight victories against the JFF Chargers, JFF Texans, JFF Colts, and JFF Patriots.   And with a relatively easy schedule ahead of them in Week Ten and Week Eleven, you would have to now start considering Miami as the Front Runner for the #5 Seed in the AFC Conference playoffs.



Oakland Raiders (@ JohnnyWadd) 4-4-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Charges 27-10 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF Broncos 24-9 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF Steelers (Week Ten); vs. JFF Ravens (Week Eleven)

Comment: Musashi’s JFF Raiders still have the #1 overall defense and the #1 pass defense in the league, but unfortunately, that defensive prowess did not seem to help them against Afroman’s JFF Denver Broncos (who happen to have the #2 overall defense in the league).  Big game coming up against his former team from the Fall 2014 season, the JFF Ravens.



New England Patriots (@ SLIMDAWG1979) 4-4-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Cowboys 20-17 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF Dolphins 30-20 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Ravens (Week Ten); AT JFF N.Y. Jets (Week Eleven)

Comment: If Andrew’s JFF New England Patriots are able to pull off a couple of “upsets” this week, they could end up being the “dark horse” in the race for an AFC Conference playoff spot.  If they end up 0-2 at week’s end, well, they just might be left in the dark.



Arizona Cardinals (@ INGLEWOODD) 2-6-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Seahawks 10-0 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF Ravens 54-5 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF 49ers (Week Ten); AT JFF Lions (Week Eleven)

Comment: Damian is hanging on to the faint hope of earning a playoff berth in the NFC Conference by an extremely thin piece of thread.  After one, no more than two more losses, Damian and his JFF Arizona Cardinals can start looking forward to either the Summer 2015 season on Madden 15, or the Fall 2015 season on Madden 16. Even if Arizona doesn't make the playoffs, they always want to win one against Cadillac's JFF 49ers. Just for "personal braggin' rights."



Indianapolis Colts (@ ModeOne4Ever) 4-4-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Dolphins 14-6 (Week Eight)

Next Up: vs. JFF Saints (Week Ten); AT JFF Bills (Week Eleven)

Comment: The defense of the JFF Colts is ranked #3 overall (#6 against the pass, #5 against the run), but the offense of Indianapolis has been ineffective at best, and horrible at worst.   The JFF Colts currently have the #1 rushing offense in the league, but their passing offense is ranked dead last (#32), just like they were at the end of the Regular Season during the Fall 2014 campaign.  “I have not given up yet, and I will continue to fight and compete until my last game of the season like I always do,” said JFF Colts Owner / Coach Air.  Good luck. Speaking of 'luck,' now about that Andrew Luck trade last season . . .



Kansas City Chiefs (@ K-R-U-Z-702) 4-4-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Jaguars 30-16 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Lions 40-24 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Broncos (Week Ten); AT JFF Packers (Week Eleven)

Comment: The next two games for Kruz will determine if he has a realistic chance at earning a playoff berth in the AFC, or if his hopes will be dashed.  The JFF Chiefs are not close to be mathematically eliminated at all, but with the stiff competition in the AFC Conference, that day might not be too far off.  We shall see what happens.



Washington Redskins (@ SwagPapa19) 4-5-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Panthers 45-20 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF Bills 56-24 (Week Nine)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Ten); AT JFF Eagles (Week Eleven)

Comment: Papa Swag must be experiencing a major drop in confidence after losing two games in a row by a very decisive margin.  Luckily, they get to enjoy a much-needed “BYE” week in Week Ten, and then it is back-to-work against their NFC East rivals, the JFF Eagles.



Cincinnati Bengals (@ thawood505) 2-7-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Seahawks 30-13 (Week Nine); Lost to the JFF Browns 37-10 (Week Ten)

Next Up: AT JFF Chargers (Week Eleven)

Comment: Haywood’s JFF Bengals are right in that “in-between” zone with “being totally eliminated from the playoffs” on one end, and “still having a slight, remote chance to earn a playoff berth” on the other end.  The game with the JFF Browns started off pretty close and competitive, but then it went downhill from there.



San Diego Chargers (@ jayqeezy) 1-7-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Raiders 27-10 (Week Eight)

Next Up: vs. JFF Bears (Week Ten); vs. JFF Bengals (Week Eleven)

Comment: It appears that Jon Jon has totally lost his enthusiasm for fighting to reclaim the AFC West Division title that he claimed last season, and that is unfortunate.  Well, as they say, there is always next season.


Teams that dropped out of the Power Rankings in this installment:


JFF Pittsburgh Steelers