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POWER RANKINGS – Installment #1 of 9


How have past JFF Champions fared in the season after they won the JFF Super Bowl? Let’s take a look:




Season league member

won the Super Bowl

(Regular Season Record)

How they fared

the next season


(JFF 49ers)

Fall / Winter 2002-03


Lost to Musashi’s JFF Vikings

21-7 in the Divisional Round


(JFF Broncos)

Spring 2003


Won the JFF Super Bowl

35-31 over The Dean’s JFF Titans


(JFF Saints)

Fall 2003


Lost to The Roommate’s

JFF Packers 52-37 in the Conference Championship


(JFF NY Giants)

Fall 2004


Lost to Wacavelli’s JFF Vikings 38-30 in the Divisional Round


(JFF Vikings)

Fall 2005


Lost to The Natural’s JFF 49ers 62-48 in the Super Bowl

The Natural

(JFF 49ers)

Fall 2006



(Did not compete in the league

during the Spring / Summer 2013 season)

Pasadena Soldier

(JFF Texans)

Spring / Summer 2013


Was 5-0 with the JFF Rams before abruptly quitting league



(JFF Ravens)

Fall 2013


Lost to Damian’s JFF Cardinals

16-13 in the Wild-Card Round

The Natural

(JFF Panthers)

Fall 2014



(currently competing in the Spring 2015 season)




Team’s Final

Fall 2014 Ranking

Team & Their Upcoming Opponent(s)

Website Manager's Comments



Seattle Seahawks (@ Ball_Is_Life044) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Packers 52-28 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Falcons (Week Two); AT JFF Bears (Week Three)

Comment: Well, well, well.  What do we have here?  What you have here is the league’s highest ranked “new” league member who goes simply by the name “Shane.”  Many thought the JFF Green Bay Packers would be ranked in the Top 5 in the first installment, but the JFF Seahawks scored on them … and scored on them … and scored on them.  QB Russell Wilson threw for 292 yards and five touchdowns, and DB Earl Thomas III had two picks.  Should be an interesting match-up with the JFF Bears in Week Three.



Baltimore Ravens (@ viking2150) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF 49ers 38-3 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Browns (Week Two); AT JFF Texans (Week Three)

Comment: Well, well, well … Part 2.  Who saw this coming?  Another “new” JFF league member makes his presence felt in a big way by dismantling the Fall 2014 NFC West Champion JFF San Francisco 49ers.  I know Cadillac has to be like, “Who was THAT guy?”  JFF 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick got sacked six times, with five of them coming from JFF Ravens LE Haloti Ngata.  The entire league will be paying attention to the huge AFC North Division match-up between these upstart JFF Ravens and the cockiest kid in the AFC, Kory G and his JFF Cleveland Browns.  What a season this is going to be.



Cleveland Browns (@ VitalMindz5) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Chiefs 34-23 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Ravens (Week Two); vs. JFF Bengals (Week Three)

Comment: JFF Cleveland Browns Owner / Coach Kory G has nicknamed this season his “Season of Redemption.”  Last season, just about everyone thought the JFF Browns were a “shoo-in” for a spot in JFF Super Bowl X, after finishing 15-1-0 in the Regular Season and winning the AFC North Division easily.  Then, Cleveland ran into a buzz saw otherwise known as Air Attack’s JFF Colts, and Indianapolis HB Trent Richardson ran all over Cleveland’s defense to the tune of 301 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns.  Right now, Cleveland has to postpone all thoughts of ‘revenge’ against Indianapolis until Week Thirteen, because there are now “two new kids on the block” in the AFC North:  The JFF Ravens and JFF Bengals.  The AFC North might have to be considered the toughest division in the league this season.  What an interesting season this will be.



Arizona Cardinals (@ INGLEWOODD) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Bengals 16-10 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Eagles (Week Two); vs. JFF Buccaneers (Week Three)

Comment: Last season, Damian’s JFF Arizona Cardinals finished as one of the Top 3 best defenses in the league, but they were very erratic on the offensive side of the ball.  Based on their Week One victory over “friend / foe” Haywood and his JFF Bengals, that trend might continue into this season for Arizona.  The JFF Cardinals simply have no real “superstar” players on their offense, with the possible exception of WR-turned-TE Larry Fitzgerald.  All of the major talent is on the defensive side of the ball, so they will once again have to hope that their defense can score some points and create some turnovers.



Dallas Cowboys (@ TD33DORSETT) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF N.Y. Giants 32-17 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Bills (Week Two); vs. JFF Dolphins (Week Three)

Comment: Fall 2013 JFF Super Bowl Champion said his dream is to win another JFF Super Bowl Championship, only this time with his favorite team in real life … the Cowboys (Cliff won the Fall 2013 Super Bowl with the JFF Baltimore Ravens).  Because of new league member Coach Sweat’s health problems, Cliff was able to earn his first NFC East Division contest victory against the JFF N.Y. Giants against the Auto Pilot CPU.   The JFF Cowboys should be challenged by both the JFF Eagles and JFF Redskins.  The key words are, “should be.”  We’ll see how the two games against the AFC East foes go.



Philadelphia Eagles (@ Queesdoe812) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Panthers 24-17 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Cardinals (Week Two); AT JFF River Hogs (Week Three)

Comment: Talk about “early morning luck!”  Everyone knows that Que works some crazy hours (he usually does not get off earlier than 12 Midnight, and many times he is not free until after that).  Que and The Natural scheduled their Week One contest for Thursday night / Friday morning at 4:00 AM EST, and Que’s JFF Eagles were actually leading The Natural’s JFF Panthers 7-0 in the middle of the Third Quarter until ... The Natural got bored and fell asleep.  (Okay, okay … just kidding).  No, what really happened was, the two lost connection, and then after that, The Natural decided to ‘pass’ on the opportunity to replay the game.  So now, Que’s JFF Eagles are 1-0-0 and The Natural’s JFF Panthers are 0-1-0.  Who saw that coming?!?  Now, half of The Natural’s upcoming opponents will be like, “Hey Nat … can you play our game at 3:30 AM tomorrow morning?”  Whatever it takes to win.



Carolina Panthers (@ MWSTheNatural) 0-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Eagles 24-17 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Saints (Week Two); vs. JFF Colts (Week Three)

Comment: Did The Natural “technically” lose his first game to a human opponent?  Or did he simply fall asleep on his PS4 controller during his late night / early morning (4:00 AM EST on Friday) Week One contest versus Que’s JFF Eagles?  Philadelphia was actually leading 7-0 in the middle of the Third Quarter when the two NFC rivals lost their Internet connection.   The Natural was not motivated to play a second contest, and simply opted to place his team on Auto Pilot.  Would The Natural have come back from that 7-0 deficit?  Maybe.  Probably.   But we’ll never know for sure.   One thing is for sure:  This season is going to be very, very interesting, to say the least.



Tennessee Titans (@ TDBarrett) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Jaguars 35-17 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF N.Y. Jets (Week Two); vs. JFF Jaguars (Week Three)

Comment: The Natural has lightheartedly referred to new JFF league members Brett B as the “heir to the throne,” and has already predicted that the JFF Titans will surpass Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Miami, and any other team in the AFC as the Conference’s representative in JFF Super Bowl XI.  Can Tennessee live up to the hype?  Obviously, this Story Editor bought into some of the “hype” by listing the JFF Titans in the #8 spot after a victory against the CPU-controlled JFF Jaguars.  We’ll keep our eyes on this team.



Indianapolis Colts (@ ModeOne4Ever) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Falcons 28-13 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Jaguars (Week Two); AT JFF Panthers (Week Three)

Comment: No one expected Air’s JFF Colts to reach the Super Bowl except for maybe Air himself.  Last season, Indianapolis had hands down the most dominant and effective rushing offense in the league, but on the downside, they finished with the least impressive and least effective passing offense in the league.  Air is depressed that he lost two of his favorite offensive linemen to free agency during the off-season (LT Anthony Castonzo and C Will Montgomery), and now must “rebuild” a totally new revamped offensive line.   The JFF Colts get their first true test in Week Three, when they go up against The Natural’s JFF Panthers for the first time since losing to them in JFF Super Bowl X.   Will this game be more competitive?  We shall see!



Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@ UNCLE___SAM) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Redskins 23-20 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF River Hogs (Week Two); AT JFF Cardinals (Week Three)

Comment: I am not sure if two blood brothers have ever matched-up against each other in JFF League competition, but it surely will happen in Week Three as Kedren P a.k.a. “Top Dawg” goes up against his younger brother Damian P in the “Parsons Bowl.”  Hey, if Jim and John Harbaugh can compete against each other, so can the Parsons Brothers.  If Arizona wins, the smack talk between the two will be non-stop.  If Tampa wins … well, the smack talk between the two will also be non-stop.  Nothing like brotherly love and brotherly competition.



San Diego Chargers (@ jayqeezy) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Lions 29-26 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Broncos (Week Two); vs. JFF Chiefs (Week Three)

Comment: Last season, Jon Jon was a late addition to the league, but he surely made some noise down the stretch as his team won the AFC West Division title and San Diego earned the #4 Seed in the AFC Conference playoffs.  This season, the AFC West will be strong, and it might be challenging for him to repeat.  Denver is good, Kansas City is good, and Oakland is no slouch.   This will be a division to watch.



Cincinnati Bengals (@ thawood505) 0-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Cardinals 16-10 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Steelers (Week Two); AT JFF Browns (Week Three)

Comment: The last two seasons that Haywood participated in The JFF (Spring / Summer 2013 and Fall 2013), let’s just say that he and Da Commish did not exactly “bond” like they thought they would.  Haywood is a talented league member, but he has had the tendency to go “AWOL” without warning, which results in his teams suffering some undesirable League Advance-induced simulated losses.  Hopefully, this season, Haywood will schedule all of his games in a timely manner and complete all of his games in a timely manner, and then he and Da Commish will get along just fine.  If not … oh well.



Washington Redskins (@ SwagPapa19) 0-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Buccaneers 23-20 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Dolphins (Week Two); vs. JFF N.Y. Jets (Week Three)

Comment: Last season, the JFF Redskins were CPU controlled, and they barely won any games.  This season, the team was purchased by a young man named Ramon a.k.a. “Swag,” and Swag Papa gave Top Dawg’s more highly favored JFF Bucs a run for their money.  This Story Editor believes that the JFF Redskins are for real, and will give all of their opponents in the NFC East a run for their money.



Miami Dolphins (@ JoshHimself) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Patriots 23-13 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Redskins (Week Two); AT JFF Cowboys (Week Three)

Comment:  Josh finally broke through after two tough losses last season to Andrew’s JFF Patriots.  One would have to say, right now, that the JFF Dolphins are the “favorite” to win the AFC East Division title.  But … let’s be real.  It’s only Week One.  A lot can happen between now and the end of the season is the competitive AFC East.  Next up:  Two tough, competitive games against Washington and Dallas.



Chicago Bears (@ REDRZA) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Raiders 31-14 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Packers (Week Two); vs. JFF Seahawks (Week Three)

Comment: Rza and Da Commish go way back to 1999 on the old PFL Forum (which later became the MWS National Madden NFL Forum).  In the late 1990s and early 2000s, just about all of the high caliber “cream of the crop” Madden Ballers in the nation hung out on the PFL / MWS Forum.  Now, Rza is participating in Air’s league for the first time, and he has already accused Da Commish of “coddling” lesser talent and has exchanged trash-talk blows with none other than The Natural himself.  Let’s just say, if you thought Kory G was outspoken, he ain’t got nothing on the Old School baller known simply as Rza.



New Orleans Saints (@ xROA-_-) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Texans 38-27 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Panthers (Week Two); vs. JFF Falcons (Week Three)

Comment: Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints … Who Dat?  Who Dat?!? Ryan basically said to the league, “I know I am in the same division as The Natural and Top Dawg, but I will not be overlooked or forgotten about!” Dat dere Texans didn’t scare dem dere Saints at all. Now Ryan has to turn his attention to an extremely important Week Two contest against The Natural and his JFF Panthers. Now once again, “Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints … Who Dat?  Who Dat?!?”



Houston Texans (@ deuce1413) 0-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Saints 38-27 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Patriots (Week Two); vs. JFF Ravens (Week Three)

Comment: Last season, Deuce – similar to Jon Jon and the JFF San Diego Chargers – was a late addition to the league, and he inherited a team that was already behind the eight ball as far as earning a playoff berth was concerned.  This season, he starts off fresh, but he already lost his Week One contest and he has two more tough games coming up with New England and Baltimore.  Houston must go 2-0.



Buffalo Bills (@ ShadySlick) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated the JFF N.Y. Jets 31-17 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Cowboys (Week Two); AT JFF N.Y. Giants (Week Three)

Comment: Last season, the JFF Buffalo Bills squeaked into the AFC Conference playoffs as the #5 Seed.  Can they earn a playoff berth this season with a new Owner / Coach at the helm?  Trevor seems to be a Madden NFL CFM veteran, and he has Buffalo HB C.J. Spiller off to a great start.  Tough game coming up in Week Two though.  Cliff’s JFF Cowboys will take no prisoners, and show no mercy to new league member “rookies.”  We’ll see who comes out on top.



Denver Broncos (@ Afrodamus) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF River Hogs 27-13 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Chargers (Week Two); AT JFF Patriots (Week Three)

Comment: Just like Rza, Da Commish and Afroman go waaaaay back as the two first made each other’s acquaintance via the Internet in 2000, and then later, in-person, at The MWS National Madden NFL Tournament in Los Angeles in July 2002.  This will mark the first time that Afroman has participated in Air’s online league, and his JFF Broncos could end up being the favorite to win the AFC West title.  Two big games coming up though against the JFF Chargers and JFF Patriots.  If they go 2-0 in Week Two and Week Three, Denver will have to be considered a solid contender.



Pittsburgh Steelers (@ Stikskillz) 1-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Rams 28-10 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Bengals (Week Two); vs. JFF 49ers (Week Three)

Comment: Shaun is probably going to end up being the “underrated” and/or “overlooked” team in the AFC North Division, which is the only division to place as many as four teams in this week’s Power Rankings. Will Pittsburgh be able to hang in such an ultra-competitive division with the likes of the JFF Bengals, JFF Browns, and JFF Ravens?  We shall see!



Kansas City Chiefs (@ K-R-U-Z-702) 0-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Browns 34-23 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Raiders (Week Two); AT JFF Chargers (Week Three)

Comment: Kruz earned a playoff berth last season with the JFF Bills, but like a few other Owner / Coaches in the league, he switched teams for this season.  Technically, you can say the AFC West title is up for grabs, but at the same time, all three of his AFC West opponents are formidable and will play his JFF Chiefs tough throughout the season.  Two huge AFC West Division rivals coming up in Week Two and Three.



Green Bay Packers (@ BarNone12000) 0-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Seahawks 52-28 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Bears (Week Two); vs. JFF Rams (Week Three)

Comment: What the . . . Whoa!!  Initially, this Story Editor was prepared to rank Tim Dog’s JFF Packers as the #3 or #4 team in this first installment of The JFF Power Rankings after they gave The Natural a reasonably competitive contest in last season’s Divisional Round playoffs in the NFC Conference.  Green Bay ended the First Quarter with a 14-7 lead against the JFF Seahawks, then gave up an uncharacteristic 24 points in the Second Quarter.  If the JFF Packers want to repeat as NFC North Division Champions, their defense has got to play a heck of a lot better than they did in Week One.



San Francisco 49ers (@ poefield109) 0-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Ravens 38-3 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Rams (Week Two); AT JFF Steelers (Week Three)

Comment: Whoa … Part 2!  Last season, Cadillac’s JFF 49ers were easily in the Top 4 teams in the league.  But after losing so decisively to the upstart JFF Ravens in the Regular Season opener, you have to ask will they even repeat as NFC West Division Champions?  Did Cadillac simply have an “off night,” and this can be categorized as an “anomaly” of sorts?  Or has everyone figured out Cadillac’s offensive and defensive tendencies?  We shall see as the season progresses.



New England Patriots (@ SLIMDAWG1979) 0-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Dolphins 23-13 (Week One)

Next Up: vs. JFF Texans (Week Two); vs. JFF Broncos (Week Three)

Comment: Last season, Andrew’s JFF Patriots went 2-0 against Josh’s JFF Dolphins, but unfortunately, he just missed earning the #6 Seed in the AFC Conference playoffs.  This season, New England TE Rob Gronkowski is picking up where he left off, and is already the 2nd leading receiver in the league.  Can New England win the AFC East Division title though?  We’ll see if they can rebound after a Week One loss to Miami with big games coming up against Houston and Denver.



Teams with a human user Owner / Coach not ranked in this installment:


JFF N.Y. Giants

JFF N.Y. Jets

JFF Oakland Raiders

JFF Portland River Hogs

JFF St. Louis Rams