Due to the fact that sometimes the EA Sports Online server experiences problems or one or more of your opponents may have a “questionable” internet connection, you may have at least one JFF League online contest that will experience an unexpected disconnection before the game concludes.


Here are the general rules:


Identifying “lag” or “choppiness” in your connection


If at the start of your league contest, you notice that the Internet connection between you and your opponent seems to have a high degree of “lag” and/or “choppiness,” you are allowed to pause the game and write a quick message to your opponent saying something like, “Too much lag!” And then ask to restart the game or postpone and then reschedule the game for a later time or another day.


If I receive multiple complaints about one particular league member experiencing a high degree of lag and choppiness in many of their games, I will have to remove that particular league member from the league. Everyone should have a high quality internet connection (minimum: 15 Mbps).


You are not allowed to complain about lag and choppiness and ask for a restart once the First Quarter comes to an end. Beginning with the Second Quarter, you can only complain about lag and choppiness and ask to restart or reschedule the game if you have at least a one (1) point lead or greater. Once the 2nd Quarter begins, you can no longer issue a complaint against the quality of the Internet connection if the score is tied or you are behind. You must play the game out.


The screen says or suggests that your opponent has INTENTIONALLY “quit the contest.”


No JFF league member is allowed to intentionally disconnect himself from a league contest before it has officially ended. The first time a league member is guilty of that, he will be given a stern warning and his team will be played on Auto Pilot for that week. The second time a league member is guilty of that, he will have to forfeit a minimum of three games and as many as five games. The third time a league member intentionally disconnects from a contest in any given season, he will be removed from the league at the Commissioner’s discretion.



The game suddenly and unexpectedly ‘freezes’ and/or disconnects


If you lose connection with your opponent suddenly and unexpectedly, here is what you should do . . .


1)    Contact your opponent by phone and/or text message immediately.


2)    Discuss with your opponent possible resolutions for completing the contest and/or replaying the contest.


3)    If you cannot come to a mutually agreeable solution for completing the game and/or replaying the game, contact the commissioner by phone or text to seek out his thoughts and consultation on the matter. The Commissioner will then offer possible solutions for the two league members involved to get the contest completed. Note: Please do not contact the commissioner by phone after 1:00 AM EST or before 8:00 AM EST.


Alan "Air Attack" Currie

JFF Online League Commissioner


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