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Carolina Panthers (@ MWSTheNatural) 8-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Seahawks 37-18 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Saints 35-17 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Eagles (Week Ten); vs. JFF Falcons (Week Eleven)

Comment: The Natural finally lost a game in The JFF!  Okay, okay.  Well, “kinda, sorta … not really.”  Malo (JFF Seahawks Owner / Coach) and The Natural were supposed to bump heads on Thursday evening, but Malo was a “no call, no show.”  Da Commish encouraged The Natural to play against the Auto Pilot CPU version of the JFF Seahawks late Thursday evening / early Friday morning, but The Natural was too tired, and plus, he thought the next advance was not until Friday night (as opposed to Friday morning).  Long story short, The Natural’s JFF Carolina Panthers “in spirit” are still undefeated.  But unfortunately, on paper, they now have one blemish … which is something The Natural has never, ever experienced as a league member in The JFF.  If the NFC Conference Championship ends up being played in Arizona as opposed to North Carolina, someone is going to be very fired up!



Arizona Cardinals (@ INGLEWOODD) 8-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Eagles 24-0 (Week Nine); Defeated JFF Cowboys 16-7 (Week Ten)

Next Up: vs. JFF Rams (Week Ten); vs. JFF Lions (Week Eleven)

Comment: The time has come to give Damian his full “defensive specialist” props and kudos.  The JFF Cardinals held the JFF Cowboys to 42 rushing yards.  FORTY-TWO.  You might not have known this, but Dallas was the second leading rushing team in the league coming into this game, and Arizona SHUT THEIR RUN GAME DOWN.  Enough said.  This team is no “pretender” … they are more than for real.



San Francisco 49ers (@ poefield109) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Rams 35-14 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Saints (Week Ten); AT JFF N.Y. Giants (Week Eleven)

Comment: Mike P. a.k.a. “Cadillac” told your beloved Website Manager and Story Editor that he wants JFF 49ers HB Frank Gore to rush for more yards than any other halfback in JFF league history!!  To be truthful … I have no idea who holds the record!!  It would have to be either a) Pasadena Soldier (Spring / Summer 2013), b) Robby D! (Fall 2003), or c) Claude Connor (Spring 2003).  Not sure at all.  This is why we need to hire a “League Historian!”



Cleveland Browns (@ VitalMindz5) 8-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Raiders 28-7 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Buccaneers 34-28 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Bengals (Week Ten); vs. JFF Texans (Week Eleven)

Comment: Talk about a Regular Season game “living up to the hype.”  The Week Nine inter-conference battle between the JFF Buccaneers and the JFF Browns was all that, and then some.  For starters, the game was broadcast live on Twitch TV, so a few league members had a chance to watch most, if not all of the game.  For two teams that are “defensive-oriented” teams, it ended up being a relatively high-scoring game.  Kory earned Top Dawg’s respect, and now Kory can turn his attention to solidifying his position in the ultra-competitive AFC North Division.



Cincinnati Bengals (@ rbbpaperwalls) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Ravens 20-17 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Jaguars 24-0 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF Browns (Week Ten); AT JFF Saints (Week Eleven)

Comment: These AFC North fellas are something else, huh?  The battle between the JFF Bengals and the JFF Ravens was a tight one, with Cincinnati pulling out another close victory.  Now, in Week Ten, they will really be tested by another division rival … the JFF Cleveland Browns, who have the top defense in the AFC and second-best defense in the entire league (behind Arizona).  Should be a good game.



Baltimore Ravens (@ JohnnyWadd) 6-3-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Bengals 20-17 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Steelers 38-3 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF Titans (Week Ten); “BYE” Week (Week Eleven)

Comment: Well, you win some close ones sometimes … and other times, you lose some close ones.  Musashi will receive a much needed “BYE” week in Week Eleven, and his team needs to regroup before making a final run toward a playoff spot in the competitive AFC Conference.  Baltimore absolutely must beat Miami and San Diego in Week Thirteen and Week Fourteen to keep their playoff hopes alive.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@ UNCLE___SAM) 5-3-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Vikings 31-0 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF Browns 34-28 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF Falcons (Week Ten); AT JFF Redskins (Week Eleven)

Comment: You have to give Kedren P. a.k.a. “Top Dawg” his props.  In real life, the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers are absolutely horrendous.  In The JFF though, Top Dawg has found a way to make them competitive. The problem is, there are currently so many talented Madden NFL gamers in the NFC, that if the playoffs started today, the JFF Bucs would be on the outside looking in.   Truth?  If Tampa Bay loses more than two more games the remainder of this season, their chances of earning a playoff berth will be slim and none.



Indianapolis Colts (@ ModeOne4Ever) 7-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Steelers 35-13 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF N.Y. Giants 45-23 (Week Nine)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Ten); vs. JFF Patriots (Week Ten)

Comment: Welcome back QB Terrelle Pryor! Air Attack missed his beloved offensive leader, and the JFF Colts wasted no time getting back into top form by absolutely crushing the JFF N.Y. Giants.  Indianapolis is now 5-0 in games where Pryor led the offense for the entire game, and they were 2-2 in the 4 games that Pryor was injured.



Seattle Seahawks (@ SamoanK1NG) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Panthers 37-18 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Raiders 50-3 (Week Nine)

Next Up: vs. JFF N.Y. Giants (Week Ten); AT JFF Chiefs (Week Eleven)

Comment: The JFF Seahawks WON … but at the same time, they LOST.  For the second time this season, the JFF Seattle Seahawks will have to suffer another “Auto Pilot Forfeit,” this one not coming until JFF Week Seventeen against the JFF Rams (Seattle already experienced one Auto Pilot forfeit against the JFF Redskins for playing their Week One game a day too early).  In their last game against the JFF Raiders, Seattle QB Russell Wilson threw for 555 yards.   WOW.



Dallas Cowboys (@ TD33DORSETT) 6-3-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Redskins 35-18 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF Cardinals 16-7 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Jaguars (Week Ten); “BYE” Week (Week Eleven)

Comment: Well “the revenge game” has come and gone for Cliff and his good “friend & foe” Damian P.  To refresh your memory, Cliff’s JFF Baltimore Ravens knocked off Damian’s JFF New England Patriots 17-7 during the AFC Conference Championship game of the Fall 2013 season, and went on to knock off Damian’s brother Top Dawg in JFF Super Bowl IX 21-18.  What was more shocking than the loss itself was Dallas’ inability to run the ball effectively against the Arizona defense.  That must be SOME DEFENSE Damian has.



Houston Texans (@ deuce1413) 5-4-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Titans 41-10 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Eagles 31-7 (Week Nine)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Ten); AT JFF Browns (Week Eleven)

Comment: Well, well, well (Part 1) … what do we have here?  This new young fella named Addison a.k.a. “Deuce” comes into the league and immediately says, “Give me my damn respect!!”  The JFF Eagles came into the Texas stadium and went back to Pennsylvania with their feelings hurt.  The JFF Houston Texans beat the JFF Eagles so bad, he knocked them clear out of the Power Rankings (for now).  Wow!



San Diego Chargers (@ jayqeezy) 6-3-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Broncos 31-14 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Dolphins 35-18 (Week Nine)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Ten); vs. JFF Raiders (Week Eleven)

Comment: Well, well, well … Part 2!!  Jon Jon is the second of the two “new” league members, and he is also making his presence felt immediately!!  Jon Jon disposed of the JFF Broncos pretty easy, and he earned a decisive victory over the previously #11 ranked JFF Miami Dolphins.  Are the JFF Chargers for real?  You betcha!



Buffalo Bills (@ K-R-U-Z-702) 7-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF N.Y. Jets 58-26 (Week Eight)

Next Up: vs. JFF Chiefs (Week Ten); AT JFF Dolphins (Week Eleven)

Comment: Guess who is now the #2 Seed in the AFC Conference Playoff Seedings?  You guessed it.  Mr. “Kruz Kontrol.”  Crucial divisional match-up coming up in Week Eleven against the JFF Miami Dolphins.  If they want to hold on to that #2 Seed, they absolutely MUST win that game.  Even if they lose though, they would still be in a good position to claim one of the two Wild Card playoff spots.



Green Bay Packers (@ BarNone12000) 5-3-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Saints 36-27 (Week Eight)

Next Up: vs. JFF Bears (Week Ten); vs. JFF Eagles (Week Eleven)

Comment: One would hope that Tim Dog does not get too down on himself after the decisive loss to the JFF Carolina Panthers.  The Natural has a way of “demoralizing” many of his opponents, and I am pretty certain that Tim Dog’s JFF Packers were left a bit shell-shocked.  Tim Dog just needs to put the past in the past, and move forward … and concentrate on winning the NFC North Division.



New England (@ SLIMDAWG1979) 6-3-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Bears 20-10 (Week Eight); Defeated JFF Broncos 44-17 (Week Nine)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Ten); AT JFF Colts (Week Eleven)

Comment: Well, for those in the league worried about how the JFF New England Patriots would fare without start TE Rob Gronkowski, I think New England’s last two victories showed that they are proceeding along just fine.   Big game with the JFF Colts in Week Eleven.



Miami Dolphins (@ JoshHimself) 6-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Jaguars 44-20 (Week Eight); Lost to the JFF Chargers 35-18 (Week Nine)

Next Up: AT JFF Lions (Week Ten); vs. JFF Bills (Week Eleven)

Comment: Josh’s JFF Dolphins experienced their first “decisive” loss in the league, and that defeat is going to be sure to ‘sting’ for a little while.  But … no time for “pity parties” … because Miami has to focus on a home game with their division rival, the much improved JFF Buffalo Bills.  Don’t overlook those JFF Lions either!



Teams that dropped out of the Power Rankings in this installment:


JFF Minnesota Vikings

JFF Philadelphia Eagles