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Carolina Panthers (@ MWSTheNatural) 5-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Ravens 30-17 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Bears 42-21 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF Bengals (Week Six); AT JFF Packers (Week Seven)

Comment: After Installment #2 of The JFF Power Rankings, The Natural proclaimed, “I’m not worthy!  I’m not worthy!”  The Natural claimed that there are at least two or three other teams that could be and should be ranked #1 rather than his JFF Panthers.  This Story Editor is not buying it.  The Natural just wants to “float under the radar” for the remainder of the season rather than be targeted as “thee team to beat.”  Two good games coming up this week against Cincinnati and Green Bay.



Arizona Cardinals (@ INGLEWOODD) 4-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Broncos 24-0 (Week Five)

Next Up: vs JFF Redskins (Week Six); AT JFF Raiders (Week Seven)

Comment: Damian’s JFF Cardinals do not have the most impressive offense in the league, but with the exception of the JFF Browns, they definitely have one of the most stifling defenses in the league.  Only one team has scored more than 14 points against them, and that was the JFF 49ers.  This week, they get to take it easy while playing two CPU-controlled teams, although the Raiders could be underrated.



San Francisco 49ers (@ poefield109) 3-2-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Eagles 34-17 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Chiefs 35-17 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF Rams (Week Six); AT JFF Broncos (Week Seven)

Comment:  Cadillac experienced some scheduling problems in Week Four, and consequently, suffered a second loss while his team was on Auto Pilot to the JFF Eagles.  Wins are hard enough to accumulate in this league without “giving away” free victories to your opponent.  We’ll have to work with the San Francisco Owner / Coach regarding his calendar scheduling skills.



Dallas Cowboys (@ TD33DORSETT) 4-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Saints 31-17 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Texans 28-17 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF Seahawks (Week Six); vs. JFF N.Y. Giants (Week Seven)

Comment: Cliff expressed that he felt sort of “bad” for JFF Texans Owner / Coach Anthony R. a.k.a. “Big Dose” who is in the midst of two-game suspension for abruptly quitting his Week Four contest against the JFF Bills.  Truth?  I think the defending JFF Super Bowl Champion is just aching to play a real, breathing human opponent … something he has not done since Week One.  This week, he has not one but two human opponents with Seattle and New York.  Thank goodness!



Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@ UNCLE___SAM) 4-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Steelers 28-14 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Saints 24-12 (Week Five)

Next Up: vs. JFF Ravens (Week Six); “BYE” Week (Week Seven)

Comment: Well, well, well.  Top Dawg gets to play his good friend Musashi in a JFF league game for the first time in YEARS.  The JFF Bucs feel more comfortable with QB Andrew Luck directing their passing game, and their defense is playing exceptionally well.  The Week Six game is as much for “friendly bragging rights” as it is to keep pace in each of their respective divisions.



Cleveland Browns (@ VitalMindz5) 4-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Titans 45-3 (Week Five) Next Up: vs. JFF Steelers (Week Six); AT JFF Jaguars (Week Seven)

Comment: Pretty soon, Kory is going to start going crazy in the same manner that Cliff did for the last few weeks.  Cleveland has three straight CPU-controlled teams coming up, and does not face another human opponent until JFF Week Nine, which is the halfway point of the season.  This is a time when you just love accumulating XP points.



Baltimore Ravens (@ JohnnyWadd) 3-2-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Panthers 30-17 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Colts 21-14 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF Buccaneers (Week Six); vs. JFF Falcons (Week Seven)

Comment: Jody M. a.k.a. Musashi said after his Week Five contest against Air Attack’s JFF Colts, “sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.”  Not that Baltimore played “poorly” per se, but they did have some ‘lucky breaks’ go their way for sure (e.g., JFF Colts QB Terrelle Pryor got knocked out of the game, the back-up QB Josh Johnson fumbled the ball while scrambling, and Indianapolis missed a seemingly chip shot field goal with less than two minutes remaining that would have given them a 17-13 lead).   Bottom line, a win is a win is a win.  By luck, talent, opponent’s mistakes, or whatever else.



Indianapolis Colts (@ ModeOne4Ever) 4-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Titans 26-20 OT (Week Four); Lost to the JFF Ravens 21-14 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF Texans (Week Six); vs. JFF Bengals (Week Seven)

Comment: What a tough week for Air Attack’s JFF Colts.  First, they came dangerously close to losing to a CPU-controlled team, the JFF Titans, and had to go into an Overtime period in order to pull out the victory.  Then, in Week Five, they lost QB Terrelle Pryor for the next three weeks due to a game-ending injury he suffered three minutes into the 2nd Quarter of a 21-14 loss to Musashi’s JFF Ravens.  Can Back-Up QB Josh Johnson hold down the fort for Indianapolis during Week Six, Week Seven, and Week Eight?  We shall see!



Philadelphia Eagles (@ Queesdoe812) 4-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF 49ers 34-17 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Rams 27-6 (Week Five)

Next Up: vs. JFF N.Y. Giants (Week Six); “BYE” Week (Week Seven)

Comment: Even though Que’s victory over the higher ranked JFF 49ers cannot be considered a true “upset” because he played the Auto Pilot / CPU version of San Francisco’s squad, make no mistake … that was still a very important victory.  Once again, a win is a win is a win.



Green Bay Packers (@ BarNone12000) 4-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Bears 21-17 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Vikings 17-10 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF Dolphins (Week Six); vs. JFF Panthers (Week Seven)

Comment: Technically, the JFF Packers are undefeated.  In Week One, the JFF Seahawks “jumped the gun” and got away with a 27-14 victory over the Packers before Tim Dog had a chance to even claim his team.  Now, with the help of HB Eddie Lacy, the JFF Packers have reeled off four consecutive victories.  Can they keep this momentum going?  Two big games this week against Miami and Carolina.



New York Giants (@ Two85er) 3-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Redskins 35-31 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Falcons 58-13 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF Eagles (Week Four); AT JFF Cowboys (Week Five)

Comment: Talk about two NFC East “showdowns!!”  Yezzir!  First up:  Que’s defensive-minded JFF Eagles. After that:  DeMarco Murray and those run-happy JFF Cowboys.  At the end of the week, New York could be the NFC East leader … in second place … or where they are right now … which is in third place.  Let the games begin!



Miami Dolphins (@ JoshHimself) 3-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Raiders 41-9 (Week Four) Next Up: vs. JFF Packers (Week Six); AT JFF Bears (Week Seven)

Comment: The JFF Dolphins “showed off” a bit by dismantling the JFF Raiders (a CPU team that beat the JFF Patriots by the way), but now they have to prepare for HB Eddie Lacy and the JFF Packers.  This should be a really good inter-Conference match-up.



Buffalo Bills (@ K-R-U-Z-702) 4-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Texans 40-20 (Week Four); Defeated JFF Lions 31-7 (Week Five)

Next Up: vs. JFF Patriots (Week Six); vs. JFF Vikings (Week Seven)

Comment: The JFF Bills’ 40-20 final score is a wee bit misleading.   Why, do you ask?  Because in reality, Kruz and his JFF Bills were on “Kruz Kontrol” (okay, I could not resist) while handing Big Dose and his JFF Texans a good ol’ fashioned butt whuppin’.   Buffalo was leading Houston 51-0 before Big Dose decided he had enough of being destroyed, so he abruptly quit with approximately four minutes remaining in the final quarter.  Next up:  Division rival JFF Patriots and inter-Conference rival JFF Vikings.



Cincinnati Bengals (@ rbbpaperwalls) 3-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Patriots 24-12 (Week Five)

Next Up: vs. JFF Panthers (Week Six); AT JFF Colts (Week Seven)

Comment: The JFF Bengals do not get starting QB Andy Dalton back until JFF Week Seven, but that is not preventing them from winning games.  Back-Up QB Jason Campbell completed 7 of 11 passes for 64 yards and 3rd string QB Matt Hasselbeck completed 2 of 5 passes for 17 yards in a 24-12 victory over the slumping JFF Patriots.  Cincinnati’s offense will match-up against two stellar defenses this week against Carolina and Indianapolis



New England (@ SLIMDAWG1979) 3-2-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Chiefs 37-16 (Week Four); Lost to the JFF Bengals 24-12 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF Bills (Week Six); vs. JFF N.Y. Jets (Week Seven)

Comment: If the JFF Patriots lose to the JFF Bills, then it might be time to raise a red flag.  New England has one of the top offensive squads in the league, but for some reason, they do not seem to be playing up to their full potential.  We’ll see what happens in Week Six.



Denver Broncos (@ dman_of_God) 2-2-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Cardinals 24-0 (Week Five)

Next Up: AT JFF N.Y. Jets (Week Six); vs. JFF 49ers (Week Seven)

Comment: The “good news”:  DMan and his JFF Broncos held his cousin Damian and the JFF Cardinals to only 66 passing yards and 157 total offensive yards.  The “bad” news:  Denver QB Peyton Manning threw not one … not two … not three … but seven interceptions.   You read it right.  Seven interceptions.  Manning is going to have to watch some game film to see exactly that he was doing wrong.  Big game coming up in Week Seven against the 49ers. DMan is just happy that he does not have to deal with the Camera Toggle / D-Pad issue any longer.  Kudos to EA Sports!  FINALLY!



Teams that dropped out of the Power Rankings in this installment:


JFF Detroit Lions

JFF Houston Texans