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Carolina Panthers (@ MWSTheNatural) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Lions 38-30 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Steelers 24-11 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Ravens (Week Four); vs. JFF Bears (Week Five)

Comment: League members who have competed against The Natural in previous seasons must think that something is “wrong” with him.  You see, the last time The Natural competed in The JFF, he rarely had a close, competitive game.  Probably 85-90% of his victories were by three touchdowns or more.  Is The Natural doing a “rope-a-dope” and trying to lull us to sleep before exploding in the playoffs?  Or is playing on the All-Pro level of difficulty more of a genuine challenge for him this season?  We shall see as the season continues.  Interesting match-up with Musashi’s JFF Ravens coming up in JFF Week Four.



Arizona Cardinals (@ INGLEWOODD) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF N.Y. Giants 14-6 (Week Two); Defeated JFF 49ers 28-22 (Week Three)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Four); AT JFF Broncos (Week Five)

Comment: Damian P. expressed to your beloved JFF Website Manager and Story Editor that he has been made to feel like the late, great Comedian Rodney Dangerfield.  Dangerfield’s classic shtick was, “I tell ya … I get NO respect …”   Well, in this installment, Yours Truly has bestowed much respect on the Owner / Coach of the JFF Cardinals by elevating him up five spots in this edition of The JFF Power Rankings after his underrated squad knocked off the previously #1 ranked JFF San Francisco 49ers.  Next up:  Damian P.’s older cousin, DeMarrio G. and his JFF Broncos in Week Five.



San Francisco 49ers (@ poefield109) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Bears 24-7 (Week Two); Lost to the JFF Cardinals 28-22 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Eagles (Week Four); vs. JFF Chiefs (Week Five)

Comment: The big NFC West division match-up lived up to the hype, with San Francisco accumulating 256 yards of offense, and Arizona accumulating 304 yards of offense.  JFF 49ers HB Frank Gore got slowed down a bit in that contest, but was still productive.  These two teams do not meet again until the very last week of the season, and who knows … that game might just be for the NFC West Division Title.



Dallas Cowboys (@ TD33DORSETT) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Titans 34-17 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Rams 23-17 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Saints (Week Four); vs. JFF Texans (Week Five)

Comment: Defending Super Bowl Champion Cliff and his JFF Dallas Cowboys are probably aching to play human competition again after losing to the JFF 49ers in Week One.  After their third contest in a row against a CPU opponent (JFF Saints), Dallas will play host to Big Dose’s JFF Houston Texans in Week Five.  Nothing like a “Texas Brawl” to get the competitive juices flowing again, huh?



Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@ UNCLE___SAM) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Rams 17-10 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Falcons 21-16 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Steelers (Week Four); AT JFF Saints (Week Five)

Comment: Similar to Cliff’s JFF Cowboys, I am sure that Kedren P. a.k.a. “Top Dawg” is overanxious to play another human user again after losing his Week One game to The Natural’s JFF Panthers in Week One.  Top Dawg’s JFF Bucs will not match up with a human opponent again until Week Six when he takes on his close friend Jody M. a.k.a. “Musashi” and his JFF Baltimore Ravens.   Side note:  Now, that the JFF Bucs have QB Andrew Luck leading the offense, will the passing yards per game increase?  We shall see!!



Cleveland Browns (@ VitalMindz5) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Saints 27-6 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Ravens 30-14 (Week Three)

Next Up: “BYE” Week (Week Four); AT JFF Titans (Week Five)

Comment: Well, well, well.  Look who jumped up four spots in this week’s JFF Power Rankings?  None other than “the mouth that roared” a.k.a. Kory G.  The JFF Browns Owner / Coach has let it be known that he is not “modest” at all regarding the prowess of the Cleveland defense (currently ranked as the #3 overall defense in the league and the #6 rushing defense; Also Cleveland is ranked #1 in sacks and #2 in interceptions).  Kory can take it easy for a while, because his next big challenge does not come until JFF Week Nine when he plays host to the JFF Buccaneers.



Indianapolis Colts (@ ModeOne4Ever) 3-0-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Eagles 17-10 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Jaguars 42-0 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Titans (Week Four); AT JFF Ravens (Week Five)

Comment: Air’s JFF Colts currently have the #1 overall defense, the #1 pass defense, and the #2 rushing defense in the league.  On the offensive side, Indianapolis currently has the #1 rushing offense in the league with not one, but two of his players ranked in the Top 10 rushers in the league (HB Trent Richardson is 3rd and QB Terrelle Pryor is 9th).   Air will see just how good his rushing offense and defense are when he matches up against Musashi’s JFF Ravens in Week Five.  These two competitors have not played against one another since the Spring 2003 season of The JFF (11 ½ years ago!)



Baltimore Ravens (@ JohnnyWadd) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Steelers 34-18 (Week Two); Lost to the JFF Browns 34-10 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Panthers (Week Four); AT JFF Colts (Week Five)

Comment: The last time Musashi was in The JFF, his offense rarely was held to less than 21 points per game, even in the games he lost.  Maybe Musashi is experiencing the same “All-Pro” related challenges that The Natural seems to be having (key phrase:  “seems to be”).  Regardless, the JFF Ravens were held to only ten points against the JFF Browns, and this week, they have to face two 3-0-0 teams in the JFF Panthers and JFF Colts.  Can Baltimore bounce back into form?



Philadelphia Eagles (@ Queesdoe812) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Colts 17-10 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Redskins 28-18 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF 49ers (Week Four); vs. JFF Rams (Week Five)

Comment: If there is any such thing as a “respectable loss,” then Que and his JFF Eagles earned one against Air’s JFF Colts.  Philadelphia held the “dynamic duo” of Indianapolis HB Trent Richardson and QB Terrelle Pryor to only 124 rushing yards total, which is their lowest total in their first three games.  The JFF Eagles just could not muster up enough offense against the league’s top defense, and that is what caused the one-touchdown defeat.  Next up:  Cadillac’s JFF 49ers in a huge NFC battle for both teams which are now 2-1-0.



Green Bay Packers (@ BarNone12000) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF N.Y. Jets 24-19 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Lions 34-20 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Bears (Week Four); vs. JFF Vikings (Week Five)

Comment: Each season in The JFF, it is only a matter of time before two league rivals, two conference rivals, and/or two division rivals transition from a “lighthearted, friendly” form of competition to a more heated, contentious type of rivalry.   Arguably the first rivalry that has gone into that zone this season is between the NFC North divisional rivals, the JFF Lions and JFF Packers.  These two had to play two games (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) because in the first game, Detroit Owner / Coach Ato M. a.k.a. “Da Kang” accused Green Bay Owner / Coach Tim D. a.k.a. “Tim Dog” of violating the league’s no-huddle rule as well as the defensive line rule.  Even though Tim Dog acknowledged that he did violate both rules in the first game, he felt that Da Kang did not really make a big deal out of the rules infractions until it was apparent that he was going to lose the game.  In the second game, JFF Packers HB Eddie Lacy ran roughshod over the JFF Lions defense, and they pulled a second victory in two games, even though only one counts.  I cannot wait until these two match up against each other again in JFF Week Seventeen!



Detroit Lions (@ ah2dakang) 1-2-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Panthers 38-30 (Week Two); Lost to the JFF Packers 34-20 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF N.Y. Jets (Week Four); vs. JFF Bills (Week Five)

Comment: The good news:  JFF Lions WR Calvin Johnson is the 2nd leading receiver in the league (behind the JFF Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski) with 15 receptions for 476 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.  The bad news:  Calvin is not a defensive linemen or a linebacker, so he cannot help his team’s defense stop the run.  Hands down, Detroit is having major problems right now stopping their opponents’ run game, and it is neutralizing anything they accomplish on the offensive end.  Da Kang is going to have to do something to improve his teams rushing defense, or he will lose a lot more games.



New York Giants (@ Two85er) 1-2-0

Most Recent Results: Lost to the JFF Cardinals 14-6 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Texans 34-6 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Redskins (Week Four); vs. JFF Falcons (Week Five)

Comment: I just know Daniel P. a.k.a. “Dee Pee” had to be thinking to himself, “I cannot start the season 0-3.  I just can’t.”  Well, he didn’t and he won’t after his decisive victory over Big Dose’s JFF Houston Texans.  New York QB Eli Manning completed 10 of 19 passes for 240 passing yards and 3 passing touchdowns, while SS Antrel Rolle had two interceptions and MLB Jon Beason had an interception returned for touchdown.  Now, the JFF N.Y. Giants can ‘relax’ a tad bit with nothing but CPU opponents until JFF Week Six.



Miami Dolphins (@ JoshHimself) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Bills 27-21 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Chiefs 31-21 (Week Three)

Next Up: AT JFF Raiders (Week Four); “BYE” Week (Week Five)

Comment: Josh got himself back on the winning track with two straight victories in JFF Week Two and JFF Week Three.  The game with his division rival, the JFF Bills, was closer than anticipated, but all that counts is the victory, right?  For the next two weeks, Josh can relax a bit with the JFF Raiders coming up and a ‘bye’ week … but then again, the JFF Raiders did knock off the JFF Patriots in Week Three though.



New England (@ SLIMDAWG1979) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Dolphins 30-28 (Week One)

Next Up: AT JFF Vikings (Week Two); vs. JFF Raiders (Week Three)

Comment: Didn’t I tell you in the last installment of The JFF Power Rankings that the CPU-controlled teams are NO JOKE this season?  I bet many of you did not believe me!!  Case in point:  Andrew’s JFF Patriots were undefeated at 2-0-0, and probably everyone in the league would have expected them to blow out the JFF Raiders on their way to a 3-0-0 record, right?  Well, wrong.  Oakland HB Maurice Jones-Drew rushed 13 times for 210 rushing yards and 2 touchdowns in leading the JFF Raiders to a CPU “upset” over a human opponent (this is actually NOT the first time in JFF history that a league member has lost to the CPU, but it is the first Regular Season game this particular season this has happened).  Lesson to be learned is simple:  You cannot take ANY team lightly in the league.  Not even the CPU teams.



Houston Texans (@ BigDose) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated the JFF Raiders 24-12 (Week Two); Lost to the JFF N.Y. Giants 34-6 (Week Three)

Next Up: vs. JFF Bills (Week Four); AT JFF Cowboys (Week Five)

Comment: Big Dose had acknowledged when he took over the JFF Texans that he was concerned about the performances of his QB Ryan Mallet, and rightfully so.  In his recent contest against the JFF N.Y. Giants, Mallet completed 11 of 28 passes for 160 passing yards, but he was sacked 3 times and intercepted 4 times.  No time to sulk because Houston’s Week Four and Week Five opponents are both tough, and will challenge Mallet and the JFF Texans offense for sure.



Denver Broncos (@ dman_of_God) 2-1-0

Most Recent Results: Defeated JFF Chiefs 38-17 (Week Two); Defeated JFF Seahawks 28-21 (Week Three)

Next Up: "BYE" Week (Week Four); vs. JFF Cardinals (Week Three)

Comment: DMan now has two victories in the win column, but he still has not budged from his stance against playing human user vs. human user contests until EA Sports provides a patch or a 'fix' to the Camera Toggle / D-Pad issue. Fortunately for him, his Week Three human user opponent failed to contact him, so he gained the opportunity to play against the CPU / Auto Pilot version of the JFF Seahawks. In JFF Week Five, he has to go up against his younger cousin, Damian and his #2 ranked JFF Cardinals



Teams that dropped out of the Power Rankings in this installment:


JFF Buffalo Bills